Beat the Bot!

Updated: May 15, 2019

Recent statistics have shown that for many job postings there are 200 or more people that apply to that position. As a result, when you submit your resume to an open job posting on a job board or on the Careers page of a companies website, you most likely are adding your resume to the company's Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Companies use ATS's in order to organize, track, analyze and report on people who apply to their open positions. One of the key features of most ATS's is their ability to scan, parse and analyze resumes and compare key aspects of a resume against specific characteristics of a job posting. The analysis is typically done on keyword, skills and education of the candidate. In most instances, the first analysis that is done on resumes that arrive is that they are scanned by a Bot (automated computer program) to determine the fit of a resume to the open position. What steps can you take to increase the likelihood of getting past the first level of screening of your resume? Here are three things you can do to move your resume to the next step in the procee

  • Echo phrases from the job description - if the job spec asks for CRM Software - make sure your resume has that exact wording

  • Spell out acronyms - spell out the words of an acronym - if the job spec asks for CPA then type out Certified Public Accountant as well as CPA

  • Focus on hard skills - make sure your resume focuses on the key criteria or qualifications for the role

A Bot will probably read your resume before a human does. Taking the above steps will increase the match score between your resume and the criteria specified within the job specification. This can dramatically increase the probability that you "Beat the Bot" and get your resume in the hands of a hiring manager.

Good Luck!