I am looking for a new job. Where do I start?

You are looking for a new job and you are using the same strategy and process that has worked for you in the past. Key activities may include:

  • Reach out to recruiters

  • Look on the job boards for roles

  • Apply to jobs on job boards

  • Reach out to your network and ask them “who do they know that …”

  • Send emails or letters to people that you know

  • Attend weekly networking groups with other people looking for work

Looking for a job today is very different than how it was in the past. Here are 7 proven activities that will reduce the time of your job search.

1. Get organized and have a plan.

Develop a system for how you are going to track your job search activities. It can be as simple as a spreadsheet where you track target companies, jobs you have applied to and interviews you have.

2. Identify your target role

Determine the type of role you are looking to pursue and what the characteristics are for that role.

3. Research your target companies

Do research on target companies to learn more about how they are organized, what their strategic direction is, what their culture is like, and how they operate to begin to determine your desire to work there

4. Tailor your resume to each job

Many companies use Applicant Tracking Systems that use technology to determine which candidates most closely meet the requirements of the role. As a result, make sure your resume includes key skills that are specified within the job description

5. Grow, cultivate, and use your network of contacts

The power of LinkedIn is your network of 2nd degree connections. Your 1st degree contacts are invaluable to make meaningful introductions

6. Prepare for your interview

Interviewers expect candidates to have done research on their company and in many instances, they ask specific questions to eliminate people who are not prepared

7. Send a had written thank you note

A hand-written note will differentiate you. People remember a thank you note. It also further shows your interest in the role. Please read A Little Note Can Make A Big Difference

Finding a new job is hard work. The key is to take control of your job search process so that you can affect the outcome. Rapid Results Roadmap is a proven approach to job search that provides you with the focus to accelerate you to your next job.

Whatever you choose to do, keep your eyes open and good luck with your search!

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