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Create future ambassadors from departing employees


Identify, attract, and select talent based on your company's values .

“Welcome to the company”


Develop, motivate, and retain talent.

“Work by our company values”


Times change, needs change, and so when people do, nurture the talent transition.They leave your company

“Always a company ambassador”

A way to create future ambassadors from people that are leaving your company -they may be a future customer or vendor or return employee
While they are down, pick them up
Provide them with focus and empowerment

Rapid Results Career Transition Process approaches the process of transitioning employees to their new career possibilities with empowered results.

Companies hire people for attributes like their talent, their passion, and their creativity. The company markets and promotes their brand to new candidates to differentiate and attract the best talent.
Smart companies use that same energy and branding effort in the departure efforts of those same employees.

During their tenure, those employees worked hard, were productive, and helped drive the business forward. Those employees make critical connections such as, clients, vendors, suppliers, and fellow co-workers. Often those relationships last a lifetime.

The company’s reputation can either be built or diminished when employees are transitioning. Social Media makes the impact of this as important as any other company marketing initiative.

Beyond reputation, there is something called Employee Lifetime Value. Past employees know your products and services intimately.  Often, those who admire and respect a previous employer bring sales leads, refer new talent, spread their good will, Tweet positively, and, in some cases, even come back to work for the company.

In the same spirt they were attracted and onboarded, they should be offboarded.
Here at Rapid Results we help people see that while one door closed another one opens. We help them first position themselves to be aligned with their talent and ambition, then we help them market themselves and open up new opportunities. We help them tell their story of their past experience in a way they are invited in and acquire a new position.

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