Looking For A New Job? Focus Your Time

We started a search for an IT leadership position for one of our clients recently and we had over 200 quality IT professionals apply for the position in less than two weeks. From a candidate standpoint, that means that the chance of one applicant getting the position is less than .5% - not great odds.

Over 50% of the time people spend on their job search is typically wasted. Typically, people spend hours per day on job boards looking for a role that they feel they are qualified for.

  • Post your resume on Job Boards that employers look at for your job role. Make sure your resume is clear and concise. Applying to job postings online should be a very small percentage of the time you spend on your job search.

  • Going to general networking events that don't clearly relate to the type of job you are pursuing, where you might meet someone who can potentially make a connection for you, is not a good use of your time.

One of the keys to finding a job is to focus in on the type of job you are pursuing and being diligent in that pursuit. Understanding the job, the industry, and the company size you are pursuing help you focus your message. It also enables you to identify who you should be meeting with. These are some of the insights Rapid Results participants gain by going through the Rapid Results process.

In this job market, finding a new job is very relationship focused. Make sure you are spending your time building and growing the right relationships.