I want to work in a new industry, what do I do?

Changing industries as part of your job search process can be difficult. The key challenge comes at the end of the interview process. If you are one of the finalists , you will likely be competing for the job with a person who has similar skills and has industry experience. In that instance, the company will likely choose the person who has the industry experience, over you, because it reduces their risk. How do you successfully manage/orchestrate that change to help find your next job? Here are some thoughts:

  • You will need to be significantly more qualified than the other candidates for a company to look past your lack or limited industry experience. This may require you to take a lower level position than the one that you may be qualified for.

  • Look for opportunities where the company will be creating a position for you, instead of trying to get hired into an open position. Please read Know your way of getting hired – it makes a difference blog about the three ways to be hired.

  • Tap into your existing network to help you identify those types of opportunities. Your contacts may be able to make key connections into the companies you are interested in.

  • If you have a specialty skill that sets you apart (an example is you are an expert in turning around failing ERP projects), you can position yourself for roles within companies that are facing that issue.

  • Attend networking events for the industry you want to transition into – you will make valuable new contacts and build relationships that can be of assistance to you. Additionally, you will gain significant insight into whether that industry is for you.

  • Get some assistance in determining your next steps – Rapid Results Roadmap can help you to obtain the tools necessary to clarify your career goals and develop the best strategy for your job search.

Making an industry change as part of a job transition can be difficult and it may elongate your job search timeline. It is important to understand the risks and benefits of making that choice.

Good luck!