A Little Note Can Make A Big Difference

You just walked out of a great interview and you really want this job (if you are the candidate) or you really want to hire the outstanding candidate (if you are the hiring manager). It seems like a perfect match and you truly believe you connected during the conversation. What can you do to stay top of mind?

In the market today, as either a candidate or a potential employer, there is a lot of competition and finding ways to stand out is key. In this digital age, many things that were once commonplace are now an unusual sight. Writing a follow-up handwritten note is one thing you can do that will help set you or your company apart during the hiring process.

Within 48 hours, create and send a genuine thank you note to the people you met with. Share a point or two from the interview that will instantly make them remember exactly who you are. This builds a further connection on a more personal level.

Unfortunately, very few people write thank you notes after an interview or meeting. There are two common reasons why people do not write them:

  • Nothing to write on. Most of our correspondence today is digital, so few people keep note cards handy. You can buy what you need from a stationary website or by taking a quick trip to the store. Just look for materials that match either your personality or the brand of your company.

  • Not enough time. A heartfelt note expressing your appreciate can be as short as a few sentences. As long as it is genuine and from you, your note will have an impact.

We all receive 50+ emails every day and are very busy trying to get as much work done as we can during the day. Creating and sending a handwritten thank you note makes you stand out by showing that you’ve taken the time to do so. Just a few moments to write a note and send it could move you to the top of the list. Check out Rapid Results Roadmap for more insights and suggestions to accelerate your job search process.

Good luck with your search!