I thought I wanted this job, but I really don’t – what do I do now?

You are actively looking for your next career move, and you hear back from a potential employer that they would like you to come in for a face to face interview, but you have determined that you no longer want to pursue this position. How do you remove yourself from consideration in the most professional manner? Here are some ideas:

  • Let the company know as soon as you realize this isn’t the job for you.

  • Call the hiring manager (or your contact) and discuss your decision, and withdrawal from the process so that you leave no room for miscommunication.

  • Be clear and concise in your conversation with the potential employer. Thank them for their time and inform them that your search is taking you in a different direction.

  • Respond to any questions the employer may have for you concerning your decision, such as why the position wasn’t for you. This may help you more clearly articulate what you are seeking in your next position.

Recognizing a job is not a good fit for you and professionally concluding the relationship will enable the potential employer to focus their attention on viable candidates as well as help you make the best use of your job search time. Being direct and respectful when letting a potential employer know will build respect between you and the potential employer. You never know if they either have or will have a position that does align well with your career goals. Don’t burn any bridges!

There are a number of actions you can take to be proactive in your job search process. Check out Rapid Results Roadmap to learn more.

Good luck with your search!