I’m over 50 and out of a job – what do I do?

You are over 50 and have recently been let go as part of a downsizing. You are very productive and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer a prospective employer. Yet, looking for a new job as a seasoned professional comes with challenges, such as: the candidates you are competing against are your kids age, your interviewing skills are rusty, and your job skills appear to be outdated to name a few. What can you do to overcome these obstacles and jump start your job search? Here are some ideas:

  • Use your experience as an asset. More seasoned workers provide stability – millennials tend to job hop more often, so show prospective employers your track record of long-term commitment.

  • Tap into your network. You have many contacts from your years of working, so use them, and continue to network with people who are working – at networking events, professional organizations, and your personal friends. They may have insights into new positions for you. In addition, you may be able to pay-it-forward by helping them as well.

  • Educate yourself – identify the key challenges facing your target industry and develop examples of how you have solve similar challenges

  • Use stories to communicate your expertise

  • Stay current with job skills in your field – take seminars, classes, and use online education opportunities to strengthen your expertise. Make sure your social media profiles and use reflect this.

  • Practice interviewing, especially if you haven’t had to look for a job in a long time. There are numerous interview websites you can use to assist with this, including online interview practice.

  • Have a strategy for your job search – a great alternative for you is Rapid Results Roadmap. Rapid Results Roadmap will provide you with a clear, personalized approach to position you for your next job opportunity, with specific emphasis on the issues surrounding your unique job search.

If you’re over 50 you have a great deal of experience and insight to bring to another position, along with the skillsets you have acquired along the way. Take a long, hard look at your job search process to determine the best approach for finding a new job. Good luck!