I am in Outplacement – what more can I do?

You have been let go by your employer. As part of your separation package, you received outplacement counseling services. These usually include services, such as updating your resume, writing cover letters, target marketing your resume to perspective employers, office space, and having you spend time with other outplacement candidates. What else can you do to be more proactive in your job search process? Here are some thoughts:

  • Maintain responsibility for and control of your search - remember that outplacement firms do not find a job for you, they try to equip you with the tools to find a job. You must drive the process.

  • Attend networking events with a purpose. Identify events that align to the industry you are focusing on during your job search. It is just as important to determine where not to go as it is where to go. Going to a networking event with the idea that you may meet someone who knows someone is a waste of time. Keep the lines of communication open at your previous employer(s) – maintaining contact with former co-workers may give you additional insights into jobs

  • Leverage a proven process that has helped hundreds of people land their next opportunity faster - Rapid Results Roadmap. It will provide you with a clear, personalized approach to accelerate your job search process.

Time is money, and the sooner you land, the lower the financial impact. Take a long, hard look at your current job search approach and make sure you have the pedal to the floor. Your goal is to find a new job, so take charge of the process.