How do I help employees when I need to let them go?

There is a change in your business strategy that necessitates you changing some of your staff, which means you need to part ways with existing employees. How do you, as a hiring manager, provide support and assistance to employees during their transition? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Reiterate and recognize their contributions to your company. Suggest to them to document their key accomplishments during their tenure with your company and offer to review it with them.

  • Stress the importance of focusing time on building their professional network. Suggest that they identify key individuals both inside and outside your company and that they begin to contact them for assistance in their transition. Offer your help by being a member of their network.

  • Identify resources that they can use during their transition process. One proven resource is the Rapid Results Roadmap. It provides a demonstrated personalized approach that has been used by hundreds of people who are preparing for or are in the transition process.

Providing assistance to employees as they leave your employment shows them that you are continuing to live your company’s values at the tail end of their employment. This level of caring will go a long way to having the departing employees be brand ambassadors for your organization on a going forward basis.

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