FOCUS on Your Job Search!

Focus, focus, focus – how many times have you heard that you need to be focused when you are completing an important activity? Exactly what does focus mean when you are looking for your next career opportunity? Webster’s defines focus as directed attention – so how do you direct your attention on your job search? Looking for your next career opportunity can often be a daunting undertaking, and you need to stay focused on how you approach and execute your search, since it truly is a life-changing event.

Here are a few tips on keeping your focus:

  • Finish what you start by working on one activity at a time. Whether you are updating your resume, responding to a job posting, or preparing for an interview, work on the activity until you finish it, instead of building a big list of in process activities. Having a big work in progress (WIP) list of job search activities minimizes your effectiveness and it negatively impacts your self-esteem.

  • Look at the big picture and ponder what you really want – you may be looking for a career change rather than a job change. Whether that means a new industry, a technical position rather than a management position (or vice versa,) or a fresh start in your current industry or profession, it is important to be clear on your goals and what you’re looking for. Focus your language on your goals so that you can effectively communicate it to a potential employer.

  • Develop a learner’s mindset that emphasizes curiosity, resilience, and your positive nature during your search. You will come across well to a potential employer, and it will help your demeanor.

  • Take a periodic break – use your time management skills to set goals for yourself and include time for relaxation. This will help to minimize burn-out and discouragement during your search.

  • Make sure the activities you are performing are important to landing your next opportunity and not just to do’s that you can easily mark as done.

Be honest with yourself on how your search is going. If you are having trouble getting focused or holding yourself accountable to completing key activities, you may want to seek outside assistance, such as the Rapid Results Roadmap program, to help clarify your focus and really jump start your job search.