Take Control of Your Job Search!

Taking control of your job search process works! Past participants of the Rapid Results Roadmap process regularly reach out to me to tell me that they have landed. They typically speak of the importance of being focused and how the roadmap process provided them with the game plan they needed to move forward. It is humbling to hear. What made this past week unique is that a Rapid Results participant tapped me on the shoulder while I was at a client site. He had just landed a key role with a Trillium client I was visiting. He credits his landing to the roadmap we put together during his Rapid Results session. It turns out that our client fell squarely into his target industry and company size he was pursuing. He had leveraged his network and had a conversation with the hiring manager about the role, and several weeks later, he was hired!

Over 50% of the time people spend in their job search is wasted. Taking control of your job search process can dramatically speed your time to identifying your next career move!

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