Tips For Surviving a Career Transition

Career transition can be tedious and challenging, whether it is a move to a brand new company, a company downsizing, or a complete career change. Here are some tips to help keep you on track and ensure your success.

Action Plan: Create a plan of action for yourself, with long-term and short-term goals. Hold yourself accountable to these goals and refer back to them if you ever feel like you’ve gone off course. Identify the skills you possess that will carry over to your next opportunity, and figure out what training might be necessary to develop new skill sets. Finally, be sure to assess your resources to reduce the pressure of financial obligations while in transition. Cutting out distractions will increase and enable your focus.

Accountability: Whether it be a career coach, a friend or spouse, find somebody to hold you accountable to your action plan. Visit with them often, and make sure that you select someone who will be objective about your strengths and weaknesses.

Network: Networking is a critical step in your transition process whether you are just starting out or are a more seasoned professional. Network both in person and on social media. Follow companies and people that you are interested in on Twitter and LinkedIn. Not only will networking help you build upon existing relationships and help you get in touch with the right people, it may also allow you to find roles that are never actually advertised. Give your network the chance to lend a hand.

Things are going to happen over the course of your career. Some of them will be good and rewarding, and others not so good. You may be the one to orchestrate some of your career transitions, while some will be orchestrated by others. Regardless of the reason, if you combine relationships and research, skills with foresight, and the knowledge of what you want in order to reach your career goals, nothing will be able to stop you.