Following Your Passion During a Job Search

You’re in job search mode and have a solid background in your chosen career. However, something may be missing in your search. You may be able to combine your personal passion with your next potential career move.

Whether your passion is a hobby, a charitable endeavor, a specific industry, or something else, you might be able to find target organizations in your chosen area to look for a job.

A job change is a significant decision in your life, whether it is voluntary or the result of another separation, so it is a really good time to carefully consider what you want to do as your next career move. Thinking about what you would do, if you were in a position where you could work for free, will help you to identify target positions and target organizations that can help you meld your out-of-work passion with your career aspirations. For example, while you might be a marketing professional, your passion might be related to education. You can start by reviewing educational companies or colleges and universities for open marketing positions, or you may know contacts within those institutions that you can ask for an introduction. You may be pleasantly surprised that there are available positions that match your personal interest.

Remember that your passion pursuit may also be helpful in your career pursuit. Best of luck in your search!

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