Know Your Way of Getting Hired – It Makes a Difference

There are only 3 ways of getting hired, and understanding which way applies to you can make a significant difference in your job search approach.

The first way of getting hired is to be hired into an open position. This occurs when either someone quits, a person gets fired, or an organization change is made that causes the position to be open. In this situation, the position needs to be open for you to get hired, so there is a key variable in the hiring process that you do not control – timing.

The second way of getting hired is a position is created for you. In this situation, the company wants to hire you, and they are willing to create a position within their organization for you. Because they want you, they can hire you at any time, so you have more control of this process. This often occurs when there is an existing professional relationship between you and the person doing the hiring or the company is growing into a new stage of their business.

The third way to get hired is top grading. Top grading is when a company transitions a person out of their current role so that you can take the position. An example of this is when Joe Maddon was hired by the Chicago Cubs as their manager. Rick Renteria was doing a good job as the manager, but when Joe became available, a managerial change was made. This is the least likely way to be hired and it usually occurs during a down economy when companies feel they can get better talent at a lower cost.

When you are looking for a job, there are decisions you can make that will cause you to change the way you will get hired. Understanding those decisions can be crucial to finding your next job.

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