Making a Difference

I have been posting blogs for over a year now with thoughts to help people find work and to help people find talent. On Tuesday morning, while running the Information Technology Executives Advisory Group (ITEAG) meeting, I had the pleasure of hearing a friend deliver a presentation about the “6 Principals of Winning.” It was delivered by a former Chicago Bears football player who told his story about how he “won”. He defined winning, not in dollars and cents or football games won, but in having purpose and pursuing that purpose. He talked about how he has reinvented himself multiple times, and that he had so many opportunities to “lose”, but that coaches (mentor’s) gave him advice that he has embraced and that he is still living by over 2 decades later.

When I sat back and reflected on the engaging conversation that our networking group had, one thing stood out to me. A key way to win is to “Make a difference in someone’s life”. How each of us defines making a difference is unique. The one constant in making a difference is that you have to put yourself out there with purpose in the role of a giver. My friend made a difference in the lives of almost a dozen people on Tuesday morning by giving both his time and his story. How have you made a difference today?

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