What do I do with my network now that I’ve landed?

You have landed your next position and you are feeling good about the network you built while looking for a job. What do you do to keep that network active now that you are no longer in transition? Here are some thoughts:

  • Commit time in your calendar to staying in touch with your network. You put a tremendous amount of work into building your network and it needs to be nourished like the living organism it is.

  • Be sure to show gratitude to your network contacts for their roles in helping you land your new job. People appreciate being acknowledged. Showing gratitude will make it more likely for them to help you in the future.

  • Continue to grow your network through organizations that are relevant to your profession. Attend meetings and become an active member.

  • Offer help to people in transition. An effective way to help is to introduce them to Trillium’s Rapid Results Roadmap.

  • Look for opportunities to connect members of your network who can help each other.

  • Meet and connect with people in your new job. You will likely have an entirely new group of contacts in your new position – take advantage of it.

  • Look for opportunities to stretch yourself and meet with people in areas that interest you.

By maintaining your network and cultivating new connections, you can have a vital and active network for years to come. It will go a long way toward helping you with your career and personal goals as well as reinforcing the importance of your network.

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