Accountability During Your Job Search!

Looking for a job can be a lonely, frustrating experience. It is easy to procrastinate and tell yourself “I’ll do that tomorrow” as you put off key search activities for another day.

How are you holding yourself accountable to your job search process? What steps can you take to counteract the procrastination and get back on track?

Below are some helpful strategies for establishing accountability for yourself during your job search:

  • Set meaningful goals – how many hiring managers do you want to connect with each week? How many key company contacts do you want to identify each week? The goals are used to drive your execution.

  • Track your progress – it is essential to track the work that you are doing. This information should be used to determine what is working and what is not, so that you can identify where to tweak your approach.

  • Schedule your time – set aside blocks of time for your job search and other activities including working out and doing research. Having your time scheduled reduces the likelihood that you will procrastinate.

  • Get outside assistance to hold you accountable. A 3rd party that is singularly focused on helping you find a job can provide you with a structure and framework to let you focus on getting the work done.

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